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  1. 'ello, i've recently been finding some name tags etc. and i want to sell those... the problem is that i don't know what they're ┬▒worth right now. if anyone can help me with that, please do :p

    What is the worth of:
    -iron horse armor
    -gold horse armor
    -diamond horse armor
    -golden apples
    -name tags
    -zombie virus
    -creeper head
    -music discs cat and 13

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  2. For what Ive seen them go for:

    no idea
    no idea
    no idea
  3. Zombie virus is not a lot, I think around the 200r/piece.
  4. Somebody was selling creeper heads for 500 each, though im not sure if this is the standard price
  5. Here's what i think they are worth:

    -iron horse armor = 1,000r
    -gold horse armor = 2,000r
    -diamond horse armor = 4,000r
    -saddles = 250r
    -golden apples = 25r to 50r
    -name tags = 250r
    -zombie virus = 250r to 500r
    -creeper head = 500r to 1,000r
    -music discs cat and 13 = 50r to 100r

    NOTE: these are just my rough guesses !
  6. I would think nametags are worth way over 250r, I know you can just rename the horse in the anvil, but they are a pretty neat item to show off. I know someone sold one for 40k. :p
  7. That's odd, got mine on the day of the update for 200r, lol

    I find it ironic how the name tag costs more than the horse..
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  8. What is the worth of:
    -iron horse armor 800 - 1000 rupees
    -gold horse armor 2000 - 2500 rupees
    -diamond horse armor 4000 - 4500 rupees
    -saddles 100 - 250
    -Notch golden apples 2k
    -name tags 100 per name tag
    -zombie virus 100
    -creeper head 750-1000
    -music discs cat and 13 any music is 100 - 200
  9. aren't name tags only found in dungeons? so wouldn't they be worth more seeing as their harder to come across
  10. Yes they are only found in dungeons and on creative mode!
  11. They have less point because you can name a horse egg in the anvil and every other egg in the anvil

    You also find 1-4 in a dungeon
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  12. Yeah I kinda agree. Either you can spend money on a name tag or just egg it, anvil it, and grow/tame it again. I'd rather do that rather than buy a name tag :p
  13. Ahh that makes sense now ^_^ Thank you