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  1. Before I update, I would love to know if anyone has copied and saved the old minecraft .jar and then updated and then reverted back to the old one and it still working.

    Simpler version of what I'm saying:
    1. Copy the minecraft .jar
    2. Paste it on yo desktop
    3. Update to 1.6
    4. Move the 1.6 minecraft .jar to the desktop and put the 1.5 jar back in the minecraft folder where the 1.6 jar was
    5. Works? Back to 1.5??

    Thanks :)

    Also if anyone wants to sell me 54 heads, you can pm me ( preferably player heads )
  2. You can just run the new launcher and play 1.6 as normal.
    Then, you can run the old launcher and play 1.5 as normal, they don't interfere with eachother.

    That, and the fact that you can easily switch between versions with the new launcher.
  3. So update?
  4. I've wondered if this would work. Will we never have to wait again.
  5. The 1.6 launcher has downgrading built in. You will have to reinstall your mods if you use this method but it is a lot easier. I posted instructions here.
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  6. Nice bump on that....
    Thankfully nobody else bumped to tell you off lol
  7. For people having issues with downgrading/upgrading I use Magic Launcher:
    It helps people download mods, really easy to use, and it looks a lot nicer, it even has interesting things to search into :)
    Downloads For Magic Launcher 1.1.6
    For Windows:
    For Mac:
    For Windows/Mac/Linux:
    I hope this is better for you, any problems just ask. :)
  8. Ok i did it :D thanks, Ummm it might be not having mods, but anyone having a little lag issue with it?
  9. With magic launcher? It's ok if you don't install mods into it, it's just a fancy do-it-all launcher.
    Lag issues never happen with it.
    If your not talking about that then I apologize :3
  10. Oh boy, that sounds like a challenge to me lol
  11. to me
    Lag issues never happen^with it.