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  1. I'd like you all to know that foals (baby horses) in 1.6.2 can NOT jump up a block, and that this is indeed a feature. Chicks, baby ocelots, and any other baby animals will still be able to jump up a single block.

    In order to get a horse up the block, you'll need to put down stairs, or (if using a rope) pillar very high to drag the foal up into the air high enough to get it up the block.

    To confirm that this is indeed a feature, here is a link to the issue being reported here, and confirmed to be a feature:
  2. Ok
    Why do other baby animals get to jump but foals don't?
    Mojang is making a specie barrier here >.>
    Time to wait for FoalyTwo
  3. Seems silly. If you are going to make that change, why not make it universal for all "baby" animals... Orrrrrrr- Mojang is to lazy to implement it on them.
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  4. uggh... 2nd
    Edit 3rd
    Btw Ugggh horses can't jump, pathetic
  5. Really?

    Minecraft: promoting foal cruelty since 1.6.2....
  6. Well in real life don't baby horses sit down for a while until they are grown enough to walk? And in 1.6 you can just grow the baby horse instantly with food..?
  7. D: Teh bebe horseas!!!!!

    Speaking of 1.6.2, I see that Bukkit plugins are getting updated by the minute (at least that's what I'm seeing) and faster. Also, most 1.5.x plugins are compatible with 1.6.x CB, as when I updated my server, no plugins broke except one (which was one I wanted to get rid of anyway :D) and great performance too... I've seen in the major changes from 1.5.x to 1.6.x was something with health, which the Bukkit team fixed in their latest CB... My suggestion: Update CraftBukkit to 1.6.2 on stage, leave all plugins as 1.5.2, see which ones break, fix/update them, and apply to all servers :D
  8. Most foals can walk within the first hour or so...
  9. Sorry didnt know that hehe
  10. Oh, my friend, if only it were that easy...
  11. :D
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  12. Except EMC part of an elite minority that works NOTHING like 99.99999% of Bukkit servers....
    We do not use Bukkit, we do not use Spigot, We use "EmpireCraft".

    We also only use 2 plugins, which are updated/not broken.

    See the 1.6.2 status thread for details on why we are not updated.
  13. Aikar has actually made all of the plugins work I believe from before. The main hindrance on 1.6 is the API he has to write for horses and... some other stuff.
  14. Well that is any real life animal, they all take time to start moving around properly, but they do lead just fine, they just can't jump up a single block until they are fully grown..
    They don't grow instantly, but they do grow a little bit faster when you feed them.

    This is a link to a chart to show what percentage increase of growth rate per food item;

    Again, other baby animals, which mind you, are much smaller - as foals are the largest of the baby animals - are able to jump up a single block. Based on the logic that foals should NOT be able to jump up a single block, then baby chicks should not be able to jump up a half slab/stairs, IMO.. But they did not change the rest of the animals.
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  15. Ah. Alright, forgot to take the "French vanilla" effect into play... Sorry!
    'course, cuz Aikar's awesome like that! :D
    New EMC-exclusiveness? :D