1.5 Trapped Chests and Shop Signs

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  1. Just had an idea that I thought I'd share because you know Aikar doesn't have a lot to do these days :rolleyes:. So here goes. I recently had visited someone's res (can't remember who's) and they had a casino. It got me thinking that the casino could have been a lot more interesting if you could have paid rupees to play games and then receive prizes (via dispensers maybe?). I'm sure their are lots of other things that could benefit from a setup in which the player could make a purchase from a shop (say they buy a piece of dirt as a placeholder for the transaction) and if the shop sign is over a "trapped chest" from the upcoming update it will trigger the redstone signal from the chest. This is something to me that seems fairly simple to implement but could lead to a lot of really great interaction with players in which the creator actually has a chance to be reimbursed monetarily for their creation. Take for instance the maze I have at 4347 on smp2 for example. It is a four player racing maze where you race to the center to play. I can't afford to just put cool prizes in their all the time but if I had it set up where it was pay like 15r to race in the maze then that would be more incentive for me to have cool prizes and possibly make improvements. Also this would actually be a chance for Aikar to improve the economy as opposed to what he normally does..... -_______-
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  2. Great idea
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