1.5 Survival Let's Play!

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  1. So, as my YouTube channel is developing, I would like to share my Survival Let's Play Series with you! The first and second videos are below:

    My channel: www.youtube.com/user/AdsinghMinecraft
    Sorry for the fact that my voice was so low in Episode 1 :(
  2. Suggestions are also great :D
  3. Second video's going up today :)
  4. Hope you guys like it, if you don't please do tell me why :)
  5. Second video's up:
  6. Episode Three:
  7. Looking good! What is your channel name? I'll subscribe to you. Just so you know
    , my friend decided to change my name to yoogotflubber. And I don't know how to change it. Oh well :rolleyes:
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  8. My channel name is AdsinghMinecraft :)
    Thanks for the subscription :D
  9. How do you upload vidoes without it take 2 years
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  10. Record in normal quality using a small file size format or compress to a smaller file size and get better internet :p I know your pain, it takes me quite awhile to upload videos to Youtube.
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  11. Actually, I use a program called HandBrake, it converts a video from a normal codec to H.264 codec, which is what YouTube uses. If you upload in any other codec, YouTube will have to convert your video, which takes and extra 4-5 hours for a 15 minute video. Handbrake takes about ten minutes to convert a 720p HD video.
  12. OMG thx
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  13. *just subscribed*
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  14. Episode Four!