1.5 million Rupee giveaway on SMP 5 at Spawn - Get there NOW

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by kilmannan, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. SMP 5 spawn.

    1.5 million rupee giveaway.


    Get there.

    Dragon Eggs, Rares, etc.

    Look for Korgoroth
  2. Is it over already?
  3. To everyone:

    it's at /v 10479
  4. Thanks a ton man :D
  5. thank thank yhank thank you :D
  6. is it done?
  7. Thank you again so much for doing this.
  8. I got kicked out. My chat lagged then after I got kicked I got the message to get down... :(
  9. Mr. Dragon Egg :D
  10. This is completely unfair,
    No warning before.
    Should've posted this yesterday at a specific time, so more people could plan to come.
  11. :\ I think you went derelict a while ago. Sorry buddy.

    This^ is completely rude. The poor guy is giving away 1.5 million rupees and you can't even appreciate it.

    I'm sure those there loved it, thanks for doing it kilmannan.
  12. Was lots of fun! Thanks for everything you handed out!
  13. Not over yet.
  14. There is no unfair for being nice :/ I think the whole fun was a quick reaction time.
  15. did you get a dragon egg :eek:
  16. Oh boo hoo, he didn't make sure you would know when it happened. It's 1.5 million rupees worth of stuff, I think he didn't want people camping overnight for it.
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  17. I can't come.. It took me ~11 hours to cross the wilderness in smp5, and I would rather not make that again.. o3o
  18. So this person is giving 1.5 millionaire rupees and you are saying this is "unfair"..

    Cry me a river.