1.5 - Giving All The Info!

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  1. Hello EMC!

    I bring to you the 1.5 thread!

    There has been a bug fix for repeaters and locking the signal is more secure and wont break
    2012-10-25_18.45.14.png 2012-10-25_18.45.22.png

    A new feature is that light travels threw half slabs! With fire, torch's or anything else

    More Will Come!
  2. Here we go again! Did you really have to post this on the day 1.4 release?
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  3. Yes.
  4. ... The repeater Feature is in 1.4 - Please get the facts right.
  5. Yeah sorry its a bug fix about them I typed the wrong thing in xD Doing h/w as well
  6. 1.5?!

    Not now!
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  7. Here's Jack's list of facts for 1.5:
    1. I'm guessing it won't be coming out next week...
    2. I'm 99% sure ICC isn't a mob in it
    3. I'm 99% sure JustinGuy isn't a mob in it
    4. This snapshot thread might be a *little* bit early...
    5. Minecraft 1.5 will be made by Mojang. Isn't that a surprise!
    6. They'll probably mess something up and end up releasing instead of just 1.5...
  8. lol, I waited until there were 2 Solid snapshots released until creating a thread about 1.4. There hasn't been any snapshots for 1.5 yet. lol - not my problem
  9. Just too early.