1.5 Cobble Gen

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  1. So we were making a squid farm and had neonkillah chop trees down for us.... this is the outcome and the brand new 1.5 cobble gen and the new deforestation technique.
    2013-03-25_17.02.21.png 2013-03-25_17.04.13.png
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  2. Did not occur.
  3. sure it didnt.
  4. Agent orange? :cool:
    I hear it isn't good for you.
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  5. Tutorial for the 1.5 cobble gen:
    1. Ask neonkillah to chop down a jungle tree while a bucket of lava is next to his axe in his inventory.
    2. once you see bright orange flowing off a tree drink a fire resistance potion and swim in the lava to top of tree.
    3. pour a fresh bucket of cool water on the lava, and have neon finish chopping down the tree.
  6. And, here we go again.
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  7. lava walls?
    edit: also neons nethertrees look like a poop sammich :p