1.4 Update

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  1. Ok, so let me get this straight.

    If you are gone for more than 10 days, even if you updated, you still lose your res? I've heard that the system that handles this is automated, and I've heard that it is disabled and res' are personally deleted by staff if over the 10 day limit.

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  2. No, if you are gone for more than 10 days, you are automatically put on a list. When more residences are needed, the delete the residences at the top of the list. Hope this helps.
  3. Unless its a update released like now then staff unless under some conditions wont reset res', If your bannned then they will another thing is if you go on holiday or something without alerting:
    IcecreamCow, Shaunwhite1982 or Maxairas then your res may be reset.
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  4. i want to get the update but i want to play emc
  5. Try swapping a 1.3.2 and a 1.4.1 JAR.
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  6. System is no longer automated. You are put on a list if you have been gone more than 10 days, and when an update comes out nobody is put on that list anymore until after EMC updates.
  7. Jar transfers are illegal
  8. Swapping .jars that you own is fine. Sharing them is not.
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  9. Why? It's just switching between two versions of the same software.