[1.4] Chill Clothing Shop

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  1. In 1.4 on my res 9140 there will be a brand new clothing shop!

    This thread will become more informative as time progress!
  2. Forever 21? Macys? Dillards? ;)
  3. Ill only buy if you have Nike stuff. :)
  4. Or under armor ;)
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  5. Hmm jrlizard mentioned that idea to me this morning
  6. That was me.
  7. no u might have but jrlizard had told me that too
  8. Was this at Amum's utopia res?
  9. yup but i didnt think u were there when he told me unless ur his alt :p
  10. I am Dragonorb18.
  11. I am... Number 4.
  12. i want an alt but dont need to spend another $30
  13. I can't wait to see if my vision of malls come to life!
  14. *like*
  15. Well, Dragonorb18 belongs to a friend. I joined before website interfacing was required and lived that way until I was in a place where fund transactions were possible. I am in the midst of switching stuff.
  16. Bump this thread in 6 months and 1.4 will be out :)
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  17. I am Sam
  18. I am a little dyslectic so I thought that said six minutes :p And I got really exited :D