1.4.6 Duplication Bug (PLEASE REPORT!)

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  1. Hello,

    We found a bug that snuck in with 1.4.6 that affected some shop signs that allowed for duplication of some items. It ended up affecting the signs that BUY BACK items from people. It's found and fixed now, but we would like a little help if possible. If you notice in your buy logs that someone last night shortly after the update sold you a LOT of items in a row, please PRIVATELY report it to us privately. Please include myself, aikar, and maxarias in the conversation. We don't plan on taking actions on EVERYONE who sold items or even a lot of items, but we do want to make sure those that KNEW and took advantage of it get some kind of repercussions for the actions.

    Thanks for your time. :)

    PS - I call claims to the first (Wow, Aikar is ruining the economy, joke). :p
  2. Nice job catching it, but I had no one sell me too much of anything :)

    First like, first post. Yes.
  3. Yesterday night Aikar went to my res and tested a bunch of stuff in my shop :p
    We (Me, eklektoi, kevdudeman and Aikar) found out about a bug where the player could open chests if he had only use perms, it was weird o_o
    But I've seen nothing duplication related yet, luckily :D
  4. He puts bugs in the ruin the economy! Also note:

    Anyone who has done this and doesn't report it will get punished
  5. Yes, I know the consequences of exploiting duplication bugs >,< And i haven't even been online since we updated so...

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  6. When did you last sign in? xD
  7. Well, just now xD but before that about a week.
  8. I mean on that account.

    Also, dunno if its on topic:
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