1.4.3: Current Bug Fixes:

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  1. -100 issues fixed. Full list of them can be found here.
    -Song "Where are we now" has been implemented, but renamed to "Wait".
    -Random fall damage due to lag is now gone.
    -(This one has been annoying me for a few days now) Taking damage while riding in minecarts is fixed.
    -Enchanted book exploit is gone.
    -Slimes have their correct collision boxes back.
    -Signs no longer lose their text. Although, this is only client-side.

    1.4.3 will be out 7th November 2012 if everything goes to plan.

    Downloads for 1.4.3 can be found here:
    Also, Mojang's bug tracker can be found here:

  2. I should also mention a notable bug of this new snapshot is that you can no longer resist water flows.
  3. Will this require an EMC update?
  4. This is lethal and has killed me 3 times (Not being able to swim against water)
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  5. Possibly, but the last bug fix allowed 1.2.4 JAR versions to work with 1.2.5 servers.
  6. Also, 1092 bugs have been fixed in this version.
  7. And 6200 have been added. :)
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  8. And they're aiming for a November 7th release...
    Which is tomorrow :p