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  1. I am making a library at my SMP7 res (14151) and are accepting well-written books. Please do not give me blank books and ask for money, I read them all before giving out any pay. Pay per book will range from 15r to 50r depending on the content (amount of writing, grammar status, and story (please only helpful stories, not fiction or outside-of-server stories)). Non-Fiction is preferred, but fiction with a lesson to be learned is also acceptable. Fictional stories will not be valued at more than 25r, just keep that in mind. I will not be BIASED, if you know what I mean.

    Members of the library can take out books, but please do not steal them. Membership is by amount of time: 5r a day, 30r a week, and 100r a month (Best Buy!). If a member were to steal a text, you will be reported for theft and banned from my res' or more (depending on who hears about it). If you would like to submit a text, or would like to become a member, please meet me at 14151 (if I am online) or PM me.

    If you would like to write one for pay, come to 14151 with a Book and Quill and go to the All-Purpose Room (Enter Door -> Go to Teleporter's Database -> and then go to the All-Purpose Room). If you borrow a book and quill, 5-10r will be deducted from the pay (depending on the demand of the Book and Quills). You can write in one of the cubicles, turn the light on when in use, or just sell it to me (also in the All-Purpose Room). Please notify me in some way if you would like to contribute, become a member, or borrow a text.

    Thank you all, and Happy Writing!
  2. I started a group of libraries throughout EMC. You should join and add yours to the group! I'll add you to the thread. Read through it, and if you're interested, introduce yourself :) otherwise, just remove yourself from the convo again. Thanks! Hope youll work with us.
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  3. I like non-fiction.
    I shall write I book all about pie,
    That is non-fiction.
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  4. Everyone's starting libraries all over EMC. Lol.
  5. And I'm trying to bring the best libraries, books, and authors together in one group so that everyone has easy access to the best of everything. :)
  6. I'll join that group and then found another group and then fusionate the two groups.
  7. I am a author myself and I have written a book about the RMS Titanic while at my mob grinder, I will sell it to you, it is 5 chapters and 11 pages in total(pretty short). I am thinking it would sell for 35r so I would sell it to you about 30r. It has proper grammar, actual factual information, and is very well organized.
    Once I get back from my travels I will sell it to you. Are you on right now?
  8. i got SMP4 9140 Were trying to order 5 and review them but i might take them done to 1 then read it myself before bying then send it to jab then i will buy 8 then spread them accross all our bookshops
  9. there should be a library on each server
  10. I am writting "Chas Memories" :p I'll sell it to you in a few hours.
    There WILL be MORE than one library in each server. Don't worry.
  11. i would love to see some books! send some over to me sometime then we may purchase loads!
  12. I wrote a book that won 100r.
  13. we need a Great Library of Alexandria sorta deal
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  14. Yup, I'm actually building it.
    Edit your posts, please.
  15. 2 things: first, hash, I'm on my phone at the moment, so I can't get online. PM me and ill set up an access chest for you at 6843 on smp3. Once the book is there, if its well-written, ill pay 40r and put it in the library. If not, it will remain there and you can come pick it up the next day. Second, DO NOT TAKE BOOKS THROUGH THE VAULT! According to my preliminary research, putting a book in the vault will wipe it. Hopefully Justin will have this fixed soon.

    Actually, depending on which server you're on, that'll happen at the member library on your server :)
  16. why not through the vault?
  17. 101r per copy too much?
  18. I finished my book. Contact me on September 3rd. I'm on vacation at San Juan :)