1.3 ender chest and emeralds

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    does anyone know if ender chest can be used from server to server

    e.g. i m in smp5 wild and make a ender chest. then i put all of my stuff in the ender chest and i go to smp1 in town. i put a ender chest down in smp1 and then will i be able to access the stuff i put in the ender chest in smp5?

    what do u guys think the emerald price will be around. higher or smaller then diamonds as u can get them by villagers. also what do u think emerald ORE be worth?
  2. The emeralds will be cheap, around 30r a piece, just a guess. The ore will cost more that diamond ore, easily.
  3. The ender chest can't be used from server to server, but I will be picking one up for the LLO.

    I'm not sure about the emeralds, maybe 30-40R. But emerald ore will be ├╝ber expensive, probably about 1K rupees. Diamond blocks will no longer be the "rich block".
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  4. do u know anything about ender chest?
  5. ok thx guys!
  6. What the EMC staff does with Ender chests- we don't know yet; but I am almost 100% sure they will not be cross server; they probably won't be linked between town and the wilderness; but they may link with each other in wilderness. But they most likely will not be able to be locked. (at least not right away)

    Edit: I don't want to double post

    unfortunately we won't know a lot about the 1.3 update until JustinGuy/ IcecreamCow make an official statement. They have been watching all of these in depth threads about the update. So at no time should we write them off as being ignored...

    They are watching us
  7. Lets discuss these ender chests.
    1. They wont be cross server ( ruins the vault)
    2. wont be from town to wild ( would just be to easy)
    3. In multiplayer servers, ender chests are only accessible by the player who placed it down. EMC will probably make it so multiple people can access it. ( sort of like how they have it now.
    Now emeralds.
    1. If the wild is not reset. UBER amount of rupees the ore will cost.
    2. If it is reset, then probably a tiny bit more then diamond ore, because emerald really wont be useful. You can just get a villager that has an insane deal and have infinite amount of emeralds.
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  8. are there any reasons for emeralds
    can u craft anything with them?????
    or are they just to trade with villagers?
  9. emeralds will only be used as decoration (ores) or trading with villagers.
    -but you know that there will be mods eventually for emerald tools/armor
  10. I heard that one of the snapshots ended up limiting how much a villager could trade of an item, but one could also just egg and spawn again as a baby villager... to get a new deal- Time consuming, but could be taken advantage of. Such a big update.
  11. The second most recent snap shot added that in. But its not what you think. It came that after you traded 3-13 times with a villager they would stop trading with you. But that's not what it is. after 3-13 times they just stop trading that item and go on to a new item. But every villager has a set of items they sell/buy. So that item/deal will come back eventually. (so many buts!)
  12. Sounds like that could be easily buggy... No wonder it is taking them so long to release the new update.
  13. will u be able to put shop signs on ender chests??? also the prices of villagers will g o up s stock up now... also somebody should make a trade center where theres 1 of every typ of villager in acage and a sign telling u what type it is. that way u could walk in and find what villager u wish to trade with.
  14. alo if u made a double ender chest how would that connect to a single ender chest???
  15. Edit Your Posts! anyway Shop signs will not be put onto ender chests (no need)
  16. Even if they're just in the wild, Ender Chests will be pretty useful. For example, I have a "rule" that I always have to go straight back up to the surface if I find diamonds. With this, I can toss my diamonds in an ender chest at the bottom of my mine and just keep going. Later, I can get them from a chest in my base.
  17. Emerald would be more expensive if you could make tools and armor with it that mines and last longer than diamonds :D