1.3 Countdown!

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  1. I am doing this on U.S. Eastern Standard Time.
    Well, 1.3 is just hours away for America, Canada, and Mexico. And I decided to have some fun with it since this update is huge. So, I will be updating the time left(In U.S. Eastern Standard time) every hour until 11:00. Then I will do it at 11:30, then 11:45, then 11:55, then 11:59. Once we hit 12:00 I want everyone to post a pic of their favorite item in the 1.3 update. I will get this started....
    9:00 U.S Eastern Time. Three hours left!
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  2. I just can't wait for the great cookie over load that EMC will have.
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  3. It's is like new years for the Minecraft nerds :p
  4. Yep.:p
  5. you better enchantments for me!
  6. *Jeb cancels the august 1st release due to 'bugs' when really it is the fact that he types one letter every 5 seconds*
    Don't get what i'm referring to? This:
  7. oh i found a bug in the prerelease!!!
    when zombies are braking a door down and you brake it the cracks stay
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  8. Remember to save your jars sothat you can play on EMC
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  9. OH OH OH
    This is gonna be awesome
  10. It just sucks that we wont be able to play on EMC with it right away. ):
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  11. Well, you can update it somewhere else and play on EMC somewhere other else.
    Sorry I didn't update it.
    10:00 U.S Eastern Time. Two hours til 1.3!
  12. lol not just the .jar do the whole .minecraft!
  13. 11:00 U.S. Eastern Standard. One more hour til 1.3!
  14. at 12:00 let's all sing happy 1.3 day!!!
  15. Its only 9:13 for me :(
  16. Agreed!
    Also one more thing added: Once you post the number one thing you love about the 1.3 update, post the number one thing you are not looking foward to.
  17. i want 1.3 to be the up that is before new mobs!
  18. New mobs would be cool. Especailly new types of fish. Also birds and dragons. Like lava dragons in the nether, wind in the sky, earth on the earth, and water in the water. Each one with a different type of egg that you have to hang over fire to keep it encubated-although it will never hatch. Just a trophie.:D
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