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  1. 2 days? 2 weeks? 2 months?

    Ender chests? Villagers? Will they breed?

    Emeralds? Trading?

    We (users) understand that EMC needs to carefully evaluate the update before indicating when it will be implemented, but... 1.3 will have a huge impact on many aspects of EMC; so we're all wondering if our 10k "Fortune III unbreaking" pick will be worth 10r tomorrow, or if you'll not implement some aspects. If you allow villagers to breed - great, they're worth 10 rupee. If not - great, they're worth 100+.

    We're "on hold" right now; it's hard to judge what anything is "worth" until you give some indication of what's happening.

    Just... any indication. Days, weeks, months - if we had a rough idea, we could work with that.

    Right now, loads of people are choosing to update - and will only come back to EMC when you've updated. I'm sure many more are not joining simply because we don't run 1.3.
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  2. I would suspect within the next few days, once all bugs have been tested and bukkit is happy with release. :)
    Everyone is in the same boat, we know it is frustrating, but this is usual update procedure and helps to ensure a hassle-free implementation of update.
  3. This will impact on EMC businesses. String will cost more... Books will also cost more... EMC will not be the same with this update...
  4. That's why I'm focusing all my production on books and ink, making and selling books is going to be a tough business.
  5. This update will change alot, but it will barely impact the value of picks. Alot of people don't want to sit a mob spawners all day and enchant themselves, they want things handed to them. So no, the value of a Fortune 3 Unbreaking 3 Pick will probably go down by around 500-700 rupees b/c more people will see this update as an opputunity to earn alot of rupees. But as we progress with Minecraft EMC, the prices will eventually (after about 3 months) go back to normal.
    I don't see why we wouldn't be able to use enderchest. I mean, use common sense and put a lock on it or hide it.
    Other prices like cookies and cocoa beans will drop. I know for a fact the second EMC updates to 1.3.1 prices on everything will be changed-this also includes Mossy Cobble b/c there will be alot of new world jungles with temples made of mossy cobble.
    Emeralds I am sure will be high value in the beggening, but will slowly drop in price like diamonds. Mojang said that trading with emeralds make no sense like.......one villager will give you 13 paper if you give him a emerald...and another will give you a diamond chestplate if you give him/her an emerald. So really, the prices on emeralds will be everywhere.
    Also when you buy potion ingrediants like magma slime for 60 rupees. The potion will cost around 61 -65 rupees b/c netherwart will be worth practically nothing.
    Books prices will go up by around 4 rupees. It is very easy to get the materials.
    I am sure they won't let zombie pigman 1/8 chance of coming out of a nether portal.
    A good/bad thing is that alot of noobs won't be going out in the wild at night because they enhanced the power of creepers, which will altimently end up having less greifing problems.
    EMC is really good about updating as soon as they can-but also making sure there aren't any bugs or glitches. So I say in about 6-7 days....or maybe 13-15. It just depends on bukkit.
    I know I have everything set up and while I am waiting I am sitting at my mob spawner.
    Be patient my freinds....good things come to those who wait.-My Mom
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  6. Forgot to add this.......server prices will go down which is good for EMC! (Because alot of servers are between freinds that live close to each other).
  7. I can't wait... downgrading now
  8. I will be a good author.
    You will love my books.
  9. That green text is quite hard to read; I have colour-vision problems. Could you perhaps consider changing it?
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  10. Well, some aspects of the update are good for me. I used to horde cookies to myself because they were so rare, and I never made a shop stand for cookies because I could never find cocoa beans. Now i've reset my res for 1.3 (for a bigger shop) and I will be selling cookies and cocoa beans.
    I think ICC and Justin should disable tripwires, people will use them for PvP :( But you could make a block swapper with them (rather than use a pressure pad) (No idea what i'm talking about? Watch ethoslab.
  11. Yeah, that's why I stopped writing in lime green, i'm slightly colour-blind to bright colours. They appear way too bright and I can't read it without straining my eyes.