1.3.1 Netherwart [Help meh]

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Gap542, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Yeah, I started a netherwart farm of like.. 200 soul sand.. and I filled up some spots with nether wart and I had the place filled up with Jack'o lanterns and torches for the lightning needed and I left... like 16 hours later I come and there's only like 2/100 netherwart on the stage 2/4(I think it's 4) of its growth. I tried googling it and uhm.Yeah... I'm asking you guys!

  2. Loaded chunks?.... Since you say you left 16 hours later, the farm did not grow since nobody was there loading the chunk..
  3. I haven't been able harvest my wheat or cane either since they are growing so slowly. Prior to the Bukkit++ update we had the other day, I was getting multiple harvests. I'm guessing they are related to your nether wart problem.
  4. Farms only grow when a player is there watching....?
  5. Correct, the chunk has to be loaded to process it. If you aren't there, it saves resources by not loading empty terrain. :)
  6. Wtf,You got demoted?
  7. Not necessarily "watching" but nearby
  8. Read my status, please. I was not demoted, I asked to step down to focus on real life and allow someone to join the Staff when Justin and Jeremy find proper candidates.

    Stay on topic. ;)
  9. They also grow faster with lava nearby. Like under the soulsand.
  10. Woah, did not know this