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  1. So I have just passed 1000 posts! So I decided to start an AMA thread. Just remember general EMC rules etc. when asking questions.
  2. If you won 10 million dollars and had to spend it in 5 days, what would you buy?
  3. 1004 my res number :D
  4. A few computers, some awesome software, Diamond supporter, 900,00 rupees and a mega house. But then according to research I would be no happier.
  5. But you could also upgrade to a diamond supporter, and get 900,000 rupees for only $500! :p
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  6. Very true! I'll add that in.
  7. Favourite EMC moment? :)
  8. On forums or in-game?
  9. Either
  10. Do you like sheeps?
    Are you the leader of the sheeps?
    Whats your favorite color?
    Are you really a sheep?
    Did you kill my blue sheep, the once owner of the blue sheep cafe?
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  11. I would Buy a Money Order for 10 Million dollars then spend that over the course of my life.
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  12. Ok. That is a hard question. Probably when IcC liked one of my posts.
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  13. Yes
    You will never know
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  14. Proud moment haha :)
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