1,002nd Post! + Free Rupees For Everyone

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  1. Hey Guys and This is My 1,002nd.
    I planned to give someone 10 grand for whoever made me post me 1,000th post but I didn't noticed so instead I want to give away rupees!
    Okay so this is how its gonna go.
    I will give away 10,000r in total.
    Everytime you post you get a share.
    If There are 100 replies each person gets 100r.
    If there are 10 replies each person gets 1,000r
    I might increase the amount.
    Everytime you post you get rupees.
    Also I wanted to do this because I never win raffles or contest.
    So if pig post 2 times and there are also 98 other post pig will get 200r in total.
    You Have Until 9/18 4PM EST to post. I will be adding more rupees also.
    Here Is The List:
    matjam360 2
    jkjkjk182 2
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  2. hello, i post =D
  3. same here
  4. Cool I think this is an epic idea
  5. This is a very nice thing for you to do, sir.
  6. When is team adventures 2?
  7. Hey Jeanz!
    Hows it going?
    I post :3
  8. My beautfiul post :)
    Interesting way to give away rupees...
  9. I didnt.
  10. Did someone say... free?
  11. jk@ You Posted Sir!
  12. Did not!
  13. posting and congratz
  14. Postity post.
  15. Guess who posted
  16. trollololol good for you!
  17. im not posting
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  18. Now for a generic comment about creepers. They want a hug bro!
  19. Jk You Dide Twice now bro!