{1,000 Day Special} Q & A

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by ForeverMaster, Nov 6, 2014.

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  2. How did you pick your current avatar Rosalina?
    (also congrats and Happy Birthday)
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  3. I found the source image under the gallery for Rosalina on the Super Mario Wiki. I then cropped and resized a copy of it in Paint.NET to match the 1:1 aspect radio of most avatars.
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  4. How was your first year of highschool.
  5. Congratz! Happy B-Day! how did you choose your Mc username?
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  6. If you were to make a promo, what would it be and what would it do?
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  7. For most of it, I would say my freshman year was better than how this year has been so far. I believe it to be a turning point for my childhood life. My brain activity began to increase more at that time, but I began to be more interested in my own thoughts than what I was doing which has both good and bad to it.

    For most of the non-school work I do, I have much more creativity to offer, including for my works in Minecraft and all of the posts I make here on the EMC forums. On the dark side, I'm less aware of what's happening in present time because of the other thoughts I'm having. They're a leading cause of my depressive times and loss of value.
    For an autistic person, like me, rapid brain activity might be normal for them. Although, an autistic person's thoughts are usually less specific than someone with OCD, and I mean the real deal, not the feeling players may have when building in Minecraft.
    So far, my internal thoughts have been harmful for me when I'm trying to do something in particular, like schoolwork, and participating in classes. I would prefer not to be thinking about whatever it my be, but I usually can't simply put the thought on hold mentally. Verbally talking to someone does help, but not always. Writing my ideas down is another possible solution. Xisuma says he does it all the time, but I don't know if he mentioned that the thoughts distract him upon generation.

    Everyone's brain is different, and there's isn't any scanning technology I know of that can identify what works best for a particular person. Therefore, you or others have to discover your own brain's mechanics.
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  8. 'Byeforever' wasn't chosen by myself. My older brother had gotten the idea fom playing Call of Duty. He said once "Byeforever!" when he killed a person in the game. Since then, he uses the phrase as his username for most of the PC games he plays. You can find him on Stream usually since most of games he plays right now are launched from the client. I also have a share with Stream account for games like Terraria and Dungeon Defenders.
    "The2nd" part of my current Minecraft username was added because we already had an account named "Byeforever", but we didn't pay for it like you should.
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  9. I would want a purple leather cap with Protection IV, Respiration V, and Aqua Affinity I and purple leather boots with Fire Protection IV, Feather Falling V, and Depth Strider III as representations of Samus Aran's gravity suit. These armor pieces would be unbreakable and soul-bounded.
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  10. Wut? You're autistic? You seem like a "normal" person to me...
  11. Yes, I do have autism, but it's not as bad as for me compared to most people who have an autism spectrum disorder. You haven't noticed some of the problems I have sometimes, such as talking in bursts rather than consistently.