0x10 "Notch's new Space Game"

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by iSmooch, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. http://0x10c.com/

    check that link out to have your mind blown by the mighty notch himself.
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  2. omg it sounds amazing, notch may have just trumped his greatest creation with yet an even better one!
  3. That sounds amazing, but I'm not buying it if it has a monthly fee.
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  4. Wow this may drasticly decrease minecraft play for me. Long time ago i played "earth and beyond" that shut down. I have been waiting for something similar (thats not eve) to play
  5. Looks like Notch may have had influence from a game series called "Space Empires" from Malfador Machinations, although that was only a single player game.
    I am excited to see how this develops though, I've enjoyed most space trading games.
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  6. This sounds awesome! :D
  7. The multiplayer component has a monthly fee by the look of it, but like minecraft, single player doesn't require a monthly cost. :)
  8. Notch could learn something from the empire. Free membership and perks for supporters. Oh well he's not perfect.
  9. Are we sure this is real? It feels like an April 1st joke that is living on.
  10. I'm not sure, don't think they would come up this late with it. And there should be like april fools at the end if it was fake.
  11. Notch already did an April Fools joke. It was a game called Mars Effect(that promised an ending that made sense).
  12. The page looks exactly the same, just a different logo than Mars Effect.

    Edit: I have looked into this and it seems legit, but I am still confused for some reason.
  13. I know what you mean. I thought it was a joke but then GameSpot(not promoting) reported it as true:confused:.
  14. Space Empires, Galactic Civilizations, The X series, etc. I really do love space games.
  15. I wonder if we can play Minecraft on the onboard computers...
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  16. Maybe cause there is no buy button.
  17. That's because the game isn't made yet! Try buying something before it exists!
  18. he was talking about the 16bit CPU way before april fools. Saw it on his twitter feed one day.
  19. MOnthly Fee =no bye 1 time fee = bye

    this game sound sick
  20. Same Here