0r!!! Heck yeah :D. SMP3 Megamall

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  1. I am happy to announce I am now broke . Why is this good, there is a good reason I am broke. I have purchased 4 beacons over the last 3 days and now my mega mall is serious. I have delayed the auction of the Emerald DC after some events that have came up like getting a new dog and vacation but we still want your donations. I hope to wake up tomorrow morning and see at least 1r in my account balance. I have been spending a lot on supplies, beacons, and other stuff so it looks like this is going to be happening. New features that will be in our mall are a café/book store, an upper biosphere with waterfall and living creatures, and Auction vouchers (buying a book for a DC of a item then redeemed for a dc at our smp1 storage res). Thanks for the donations we have gotten and we will be happy to see you once we open.
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  2. I am proud to announce our donations have reached both 1 single r in counting.
  3. Thank you, deathconn for our first and largest donation of 3000r! Yay!
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  4. Well you're diamond, so you should have more than 1r the next day ;)
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  5. I already got my bonus before I posted so I will have to wait until 23:00 mst,