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  1. So, I have people that ask me, "How fast do you hit 50 with your grinder". I always say I dont know cause 1. I dont use it that often (life has been busy since I got married) and 2. I never timed it.

    So, this time I did.. . Kinda. I only did a 20 minute run in respect to Aikars request to limiting spawns. And, as you soon will tell, I didnt limit it very much. so next time I will limit to 10 minutes or less. (Sorry Aikar!)

    Step One:
    turn off the grinder and use all my xp to get to zero after killing any left over mobs.
    (We have an awesome switch that lights up all the spawn rooms thus disabling the grinder completely :) Thank YOU 1.2.3)
    Then take screenshot to show starting point. As you can see, only 24 stray mobs exist in my chunk.

    Step Two:
    Wait ten minutes, take another screen shot.
    At this point, exactly ten minutes into it, I have 342 mobs in my chunk. This should be the time to kill. If not sooner.

    Step Three:
    Wait ten more minutes, take screenshot.
    As you can see again,I now have 637 mobs in my chunk.
    Also, due to my outdated Core 2 Duo, I am only at 1fps...(Im drooling over new hardware already, just have to convince the wife...)

    Step four:
    KILL THEM ALL. and then take screen shot ;p
    I am now back down to around where I started. am 3/4th of the way through lvl 38.

    How long to 50? I dont know for sure. But Im sure some math guru can calculate my xp/minute and give it an educated guess. And for anyone who does not know the specs of our grinder (Derek_fawns and myself), we have 1 zombie, 1 skeleton and three cave spiders. All within activation distance.
  2. at that rate i would say 107 mins or so to get lvl 50? its like 43 exp per min
  3. how long ago did you do this? one of the cave spiders spawners is turnned off :)
  4. that seems way off honestly. I would peg it as more then 40-45 min i think
  5. did it tonight, just checked and all spiders were on. I did do some rewiring and unclogging before I did this tho so might have un did anything u changed without knowing,.
  6. guh, dang google, used it as a calc cause i was being lazy, should be 32 mins not 107, and 141 exp per min
  7. much better ;p
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