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  1. Today I made an Iron Golem farm, and when I got back from afking at it I was dead. I was in the wild, and there was torches around me, (I spend 3 hours checking light levels). I lost full p4, A flaming mob launcher with 1143 durability on it, 5 stacks of glowstone, a stack of 8 zombie viruses, 4 stacks of torches, afew iron, and 7 lava buckets. I dont know what the value of all these items are, but im guessing its over 30k. Currently, I only have 1/3 of that (10k) which I am saving for a project. If anyone could chip in anything to help me, please do. Any ideas how I died?
  2. First off, begging is not highly looked upon on emc. We all die in the wild but just because you died doesnt mean other people should have to help you. Ive died with tons of great stuff before but I didnt complain about it. You could have maybe been killed by a zombie who just killed you over a long period of time. You could do many things to try to earn back the value of items you lost such as going on a mining trip or doing a job for someone. Instead of asking for people to do stuff for you take the matter into your own hands and try to get some stuff back.
  3. I was gone for 5 mins, staring at after sunrise and getting back at a little before sunset. There is no roof, so it would have burned.
  4. I died recently on Smp8 in the nether fully boxed in, no idea how I died but when I came back from afk'ing I was dead and all my stuff was gone.
  5. Maybe someone lava bucketed you? You probably would have seen in chat how you died. And how did you know the exact durability left on your sword?
  6. F3 + h tells you durability of tools
  7. Was it the last time you died? If so, I believe mods can tell you how you last died.
  8. Anyone who is AFK takes there own responsibility of there character. If you die then that is not EMC's fault.
  9. adondrabkin was slain by Zombie

    check the light levels in your spawning pads. also probly not a good idea to afk with stuff in your inventory
  10. My guess was correct
  11. Here is your obituary page for today. :p

    smp6 14 minutes ago
    wilderness: [coordinates withheld] - adondrabkin was slain by Iron Golem

    smp6 about 2 hours ago
    wilderness: [coordinates withheld] - adondrabkin was slain by Zombie
  12. Thanks for telling me how guys :)
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