【Auction】- Double chest of Aqua Affinity and Double chest of Respiration III Enchanted Books -

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  1. Item: Double Chest of Aqua Affinity I books and a Double Chest of Respiration III books

    Starting Bid: 40,000 rupees

    Minimum Bid Increments: Only raise bids by at least 500 Rupees

    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end exactly 24 hours after the last valid bid has been posted with no other valid bids after it

    Auction Pickup: Residence 3511 on smp2


    Happy Bidding. :)
  2. Pretty Huge Starting Bid
  3. Please keep posts on topic. The auctioneer has the right to pick whatever starting bid he/she sees fit, regardless of others opinion.
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  4. Bump. If there are no other bids within 24 hours of THIS post, auction will be closed. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.