《Farm Master Needed》Villager-powered Carrot Farm

Discussion in 'Players for Hire' started by FadedMartian, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Hello my martian friends! c:

    I am looking for an experienced and knowledgeable builder who knows the ins- and outs of a villager-operated potato/ carrot farm that will not break once EMC updates to 1.13.

    Again, I am not looking for someone to simply get a schematic from the internet, I am looking for a person who knows the specific EMC quirks with villagers, therefore I will be willing to pay a hefty amount for this project.

    Further details can be directed to me via PM :)
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  2. What exactly are you asking for?

    I'm decently experienced on how most WCP (Wheat Carrot Potato) villager farms work, but i don't have enough irl time to build a full farm for you. If you're asking for info, i will gladly send you a crash course DM on how they generally work.