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  1. Hello, I Was Just Wondering About The MHF Mob Heads!
    0) Whats The Chance To Get Them?
    1) Is The Chance Boosted By The Diff Settings?
    2) Do I Have To Kill Them In A Certain World? (End, Overworld Or Nether)
    3) Am I Able To Mass Produce Animals In Town And Kill Them For Their Heads?
    4) If Not Am I Able To Egg Animals In Town And Goto Wild/Waste And Kill Them There?

    Thanks If You Reply Telling Me About These Heads!
  2. 0) I think mob heads are at 5% drop rate if not 1%
    1) Looting Sword/bow will increase drop rates
    2) Last time I tested you cant get mob heads in town anymore only in wild/waste/nether/end
    3) You can eggify animals in town and spawn the eggs in the wild/waste/nether/end (remember only adults drop heads)
    4) YES

    Hope it helps
  3. To add to this, is there a reason a skeleton spawner with a trap built around it would prevent heads from dropping?
  4. I believe the player needs to kill them manually, not sure if spawners drop heads. My mob farm gives me quite a good supply of mob heads, creeper, skele and zombie.
  5. I do not know for sure, but this is what I remember and have observed.

    Chance is 1%?
    The player settings, I have no idea on the effect it has on the head drops, however playing around on PS10, it appeared that killing friendly mobs had no effect on head drop rates.

    Yes, heads drop from spawn eggs, they need to be 'adults' and no head drops happen in town.

    I believe that spawner mobs do not drop heads? Exception is the cave spider spawners?

    Also believe that looting has no effect on the 'custom' mob head drops...only the skeleton, zombie, creeper, and wither heads does it have any extra chance of heads dropping?

    The - current - EMC obtainable list, is
    skeletons, wither skeletons, zombies, creepers, endermen, spiders, cave spiders, blaze, slime, ghast, lava slime, pigmen, cows, mooshroom, sheep, ocelot, villager,chicken.
    (Feel free to yell at me if i forget one hehe, i'm doing this by memory)

    We cannot get witch, wolf, bat, iron golem, squid (yet).. (or any of the other 'heads' like tnt, arrow, melon, etc...)

    You can see each head at subarcticclown res on SMP7, if you want to see how they look in game. He and I went around killing a load of mobs to get em all.

    As a side note, has anybody noticed that the 'old' heads do not stack with the 'new' heads of the same type?
    Like my old sheep heads before mojang changed how they load...do not stack with the heads I have gotten after the update? (or is this just me...think it was what 1.7.8?)
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  6. Blazes from spawners drop heads - player must cause damage, don't soften up with suffocation.

    Loot seems to effect ghast, lava slime, and pigmen head drops (never killed them without loot3 or a lucky bow...hmmm). Definitely has an effect on Blaze head drops.

    And pigs. Didn't know about the ocelot.

    Nice collection of hostile mobs at 18721 also, though you have to tp to a nearby res because tp is off.

    Yep, actually, there seem to be three groups I can't get to stack.
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  7. Does that mean that the blaze head drop rate is negated by suffocation?
  8. I had this head stacking issue, but I found a solution...
    Put all the heads in your /vault, then close it, then reopen /vault and shift click all the heads back to your inventory.
    That solves the head stacking issue for me.

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  9. OMG I forgot da PIGGIES!!!
    Yes, completely and thanks for additional info! The rules have changed from time to time!