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  1. Welcome to Wolf & Wolff Farms!
    ItsMeWolffpack and I (I use the account ItsMeWolf in game) have a been working to make public farms for SMP9 recently.
    So far We have a Mob Grinder and a Gold Farm.
    The Gold Farm is pretty efficient and needs 8 more 23 x 23 portals (has 16 right now)
    The Mob Grinder on the other hand needs some expanding.
    We started on 9/12/15.
    We are planning to make an Iron farm and some farms in the nether also.
    Here are some photos :p, enjoy.
    If you need directions ask one of us or go to /wild n SMP9, and look for the zombie pigmen head around the protected area of the North Outpost.
    I hope you guys enjoy the farms!

    P.S. - Feel free to donate <3
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  2. ✸ We plan on adding more housing for players to use when they are on and farming for days.
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  3. Special thanks to MoeMacZap for donating Obsidian!
  4. Great! Can't wait to check it out! ;)
  5. Thanks : )
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  6. The Gold Farm is finished! It now has all 24 23 x 23 Nether Portals!
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  7. Would you mind PM'g me the location :D? I would love to come and try out the Gold Farm :D Do I need to bring anything with me?
  8. i really want to help i can do the mob grinder when i am done project util :) please contact me also i have a gold farm on smp8 it has like 30 portals u seem to know more about gold farms then i do and i am trying to make a optimal setup please contact me :) crazy
  9. You would need to bring a looting 3 sword for a good amount of drops and some food. Just come to SMP9 and PM ItsMeWolf.
  10. Will do
  11. This looks amazing, Wolf :) I can't wait to check it out!
  12. Thanks Death <3
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  13. I'd love to test it too! Can I please?

  14. Sure!