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Will you draw a picture for Le Conteest

Yeah 3 vote(s) 60.0%
Nope 2 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. image.jpg

    Welcome everybody. To the first and annual hunge... Ok I'll stop ;3 There was an art contest by Teh PalmSugar last year, but this is 2014 now. Yey

    The idea is that you will have to draw an image, if taken from online you will be reported and banned from any of my future events! So you have to get €reative... Once you are done with what you have created, upload it to imgur or whatever you use and PM ME ON THE SITE. If you post it down below it won't count, k, thx. I will pick 2 winners. And they will win prizes. You can not use alts. Ok?, good. You can use whatever you want, from putting paint on your feet and walking on a piece of paper to throwing crayons at a canvas.
    So the prizes -
    First place, 14k and a SC of Blast Protection 4 Books
    Second Place, 7k

    The way you will be graded will be with points. I will be the judge or maybe a friend also, buy anyways -
    You can win a total of 60 Points, from these 3 things
    Creativity - 20 Total Points
    Originality - 20 Total Points
    Artistic Talent - 20 Total Points

    The one at the end with the most points wins! So like lets say Little Tom got 27 points and Henry got 50 points, Henry wins!

    Donations are accepted :]

    I hope you all enjoy this contest because now I have to lay an egg, Adiois.
  2. What are the things the entrants will be judged on? It's all a little vague if you ask me. A more serious intro would be better if you asked me :s
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  3. Ah yes will add that now, I just put a little comedy into it to keep the reader entertained
    Edit: check the OP
  4. Something I must made in the app Paper - which is allowed :)
  5. I was actually planning on holding that contest again at the same time this year (summer).
    But I don't mind people making more art so go ahead everyone, show off your skillzzz :)
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  6. I have added a whole Single Chest of Blast Protection 4 books!
    To first place ;)
  7. Does pixel art made on EMC (plots) count if built by us?
  8. does it have to be digital art?
  9. I would enter but
  10. No :)
    check the OP
    sorry but no because thats not real art drawen by hand, sorry :(
  11. I think Pixel Art should be allowed. Anything that takes time and effort which looks asthetically pleasing is art
    Sculptures are considered as art, they're built
  12. Did, a few times, there is no struction, we're just entering whatever we want without knowing how we are graded
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  13. Oh Thats weird. I had edited the Op with how it would work and now its not there? Ok then lemme fix that..
  14. This here is the only thing stopping me from entering. I can't draw unless I have a clear idea of what I want to draw in my head. Saying "draw an image" gives me nothing, but if you said something like "Draw either a funny, educational, meaningful or detailed image" that would be much better since I would be able to pick one and have more of an idea of what to do. Just giving people like me a subject would help a lot

    Edit: Ninja'd?
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  15. Ah yes, I guess that would be interesting. The theme then is "Funny", So you have to create something thats funny! Like a giant zebra with tiny wings and huge blue lips...
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