♦ Eclipsys Heavenly Spleef Arena ♦ Party Pics (and video!)

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  1. Helloo EMC!!

    Eclipsys gathered a bunch of SMP1 people together tonight on smp1 and we had a blast at his new spleef arena!

    Here are some pictures from the event, I will also be uploading video too once I get it edited and rendered AND uploaded (sigh.)

    Ecli and his golden armor and crown :)

    Oldenburg, Gabe, and Hash messing around and having a blast ;)

    Photo op!

    Yet another photo op, messed up: (I think Faith is mooning us here ;))

    I will be posting a video once I do all the necessary things to it ;)

    To visit Ecli's res go to: 841!

    Video is up!
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  2. crap. i was there this morning looking around. ended up there by accident. nice place :3
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  3. Lol, I just logged onto smp1 and was like "Party!" and then nobody was there :O
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  4. Yah, in Ecli's time it was 4:30 when we got done so.....they are sleeping right now:D
    It was really fun and I won 5k.
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  5. I'm the only one wearing armor......
  6. I was too good sir, just not full armor as to block my golden crown.
  7. I had my back to the camera in the first pic. XD My blaze says he's to cool for the camera. Jk. We had a ton of fun! I came on randomly and decided to visit. I managed to come across a spleef party. Awesome job on the arena Eclips!
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  8. I'm currently rendering the video, however its been like 20 minutes and only 16.9% through. God I hate rendering.
  9. Are you using a big codec?
    Press Start>Type Task Manager>Click view running processes with Windows task manager>Processes>The Video editing software you are using>right click it>click set affinity>select all processors
  10. It auto does that, I only have 2 CPU's so I have a dual core. It just doesn't allocate a ton of ram and it probably should. it only uses 300k out of my 3.7GB (4 techincally)
  11. Faithcaster The Titan :cool:
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  12. Wish... I wish I could play some spleef there:mad:
    I love spleef but I haven't played it so much since the awesome Nether Spleef area died because of the reset..
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  13. You know I visited it once but I never played the spleef there. I do miss its structure though. There has been a lot of updates since the videos recording last night. We replaced the grass with stone brick and obviously spiffied up the glass barrier ;)
  14. I bring you The Heavenly Spleef crest: javaw 2012-10-07 19-57-35-48.jpg By: TheOlburgen