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  1. ♦ Auction

    Description: double chest of emeralds
    Starting bid: 69k
    Minimal step: 1k
    End: 36h after last valid bid

    These Emeralds were obtained in environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion,
    no mountains were destroyed, no animals were harmed. :)

    Happy bidding!
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  2. Edited title to include what is up for auction.
    Seller has set a starting price they are happy with. If it is too high don't bid.
  3. Faithcaster 72k, thank you
  4. Grrr.... I really want this... but I am not sure xP
  5. Okay... 75,001 Rupees
  6. DeadSkaia 75k, thank you
    (increment is always multiple of 1k; retail price is about 90k + time to find shops that have stock)
  7. Faithcaster 79k, thank you
    24h left
  8. about 5 hours left
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  9. Dude Thats ALOT
  10. faith you already have a double chest you greedy piggy XD
  11. Rich piggy*
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  12. Sold to Faithcaster for 79488. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.