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  1. ⌇⌇ SELLING ⌇⌇ Promos & more

    If you'd like to buy something from the list - please send me a PM (click here) with your offer.

    The given prices are negotiation base - feel free to send me your best offer.
    If no price is given please offer a reasonable amount.

    If I receive more acceptable offers then I have available items, I'll sell to the highest offers.

    If an Item is listed it means I have at least one for sale, but I may have more or may get more in the meantime, so I can accept more than one offer and/or sell more than quantity of some items.

    Updated: June 9th 07.20 UTC

    You can watch this thread and I'll try to generate alerts but can't guarantee that it will work; my experience is that it is not 100% reliable.

    Currently available items:

    ESCD, Efficiency VII, Unbreaking V, Soulbound, Final Diamond Shovel

    Ore Buster - Fortune V, Efficiency VI, Unbreaking III, Final Dimond Pick

    Lucky Bow, unused - Looting IV, Unbreaking X, Power V, Soulbound, Final

    Cupid's Bow, unused - "Love is in the air"

    Cupid Bundle chest, not opened - "Happy Valentine's Day 2015"

    Dancer, unused, 110 speed, 30 HP, 110 jump, "Happy Holiday 2014"

    Ham Hacker, unused, Sharpness VI, Knockback III, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking V, Soulbound, Final Diamond Axe

    Empire Firework 2013, random effect, "4th July 2013"

    Independence Day Firework 2013, random effect (red, white, blue) "4th of July 2013 celebration"

    Independence Day Firework 2014, random effect (red, white, blue) "4th of July 2014"

    Empire Firework 2014, "EMC New Years 2014 Celebration"

    Holiday Candle 2014, "Happy Holidays 2014"

    Pi Pie - celebrating the Pi day - "π 3.14.15 π"

    Feast for a King - "Happy Thanksgiving" Paper

    10 Soulbound torches (bundle of 10 normal torches with soulbound flag, won't drop on death)

    Starter Armour Set, complete, unused
  2. +1 lots of nice items
  3. Ham Hacker for 25k. :D
  4. Sent You A PM. I Really Need Em'
  5. Cheapest Item?
  6. Cause if its under 10k ill buy
  7. How much for Pi pie?