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  1. ⌇⌇ SELLING ⌇⌇ Promos :: call for bids

    This is a call for bids - please send me a PM (click here) with your offer for one of more of the listed items and I'll add the offer to this posting.
    If you see a price that is below or equal to your offer that means that you will get the item unless someone offers more before the deadline.
    Any items not sold go into the next round.

    Please note that this is NOT a "Community Auction".
    Is it solely my personal decision if I will accept a bid or not.
    If an Item is listed it means I have at least one for sale, but I may have or may get more in the meantime, so I can accept more than one bid for some items.
    I'll add some minimum prices and more items by editing this posting.

    Current deadline: June 5th 12.00 UTC

    Updated: June 3rd 19.54 UTC

    You can watch this thread and I'll try to generate alerts but can't guarantee that it will work; my experience is that it is not 100% reliable.

    Currently available items:

    ESCD, Efficiency VII (7), Unbreaking V (5), Soulbound, Final Diamond Shovel

    Holiday Pick - Fortune IV (4), Efficiency V (5), Unbreaking V (5), Final Diamond pick

    Ore Buster - Fortune V (5), Efficiency VI (6), Unbreaking III (3), Final Dimond Pick

    Lucky Bow, unused - Looting IV (4), Unbreaking X (10), Power V (5), Soulbound, Final

    Cupid's Bow, unused - "Love is in the air"

    Cupid Bundle chest, not opened - "Happy Valentine's Day 2015"

    Dancer, unused, 110 speed, 30 HP, 110 jump, "Happy Holiday 2014"

    Ham Hacker, unused, Sharpness VI (6), Knockback III (3), Fire Aspect II (2), Unbreaking V (5), Soulbound, Final Diamond Axe

    Feather Fallllling Boots - Feather falling V (5), Unbreaking III (3), Final Diamond Boots

    Empire Firework 2013, random effect, "4th July 2013"

    Independence Day Firework 2013, random effect (red, white, blue) "4th of July 2013 celebration"

    Independence Day Firework 2014, random effect (red, white, blue) "4th of July 2014"

    Empire Firework 2014, "EMC New Years 2014 Celebration"

    Holiday Candle 2014, "Happy Holidays 2014"

    Pi Pie - celebrating the Pi day - "π 3.14.15 π"

    Book signed by krysyyjane9191 - "Book Hunt" - original

    Feast for a King - "Happy Thanksgiving" Paper

    10 Soulbound torches (bundle of 10 normal torches with soulbound flag, won't drop on death)

    Starter Armour Set, complete, unused
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  2. Updated 19.54 UTC
  3. The use of 'bid' and the fact that you are fighting for the higher price, classifies it as an auction, no matter what the post says. Therefore, you must abide by all Forum Auction rules and maintain it in the Community Auction Forums or change this to an in-game auction.

    auction: a public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder.

    Thread closed.
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