≥(Auction)≤ DC of milk buckets :O

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by DavetheWaffle, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. Item : A DC of milk buckets
    Starting Bid : 1,500 rupees
    Minimum bid increment : 300 rupees
    Ending time : 24 hours after the last Valid bid
    Good luck bidding :D

  2. This is worth at MAX 700r
  3. This was once sold for 22k so lel and I just had milk buckets laying around and turned em into a DC then there's this auction :p
  4. I believe you're relating the 22k to hashhog's fundraiser auction, a lot of people respect and follow him, you are a character not so well-known and you aren't trying to fundraiser for anything unfortunately :/
  5. I actually see him on the forums quite bit :p
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  6. k and k just want to get rid of some milk.....
    And bruh dose arent bids
  7. Never base someones respect from the community off of followers. I have almost 150 followers and I am a moron :p
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  8. Yay me win, will pay/pick-up tonight.
Thread Status:
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