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  1. Well as all my shop staff and donners know I JUST OPENED A NEW SHOP WITH CHEAP ORES! All my ores are hand mined (exept if you sell to me) and one crazy thing is... I only make 1 rupee profit! i buy from my mners and sell only 1 rupee higher (well for diamonds and emealds i get 2 r profit) so come now to "Mad Man Ores We Have Madly Low Prices!" the res # is "4046" if you need to contact me or have any questions send a reply or email me personally at "MaxWMadMan@gmail.com" if you email me put the email title as "(question) (username) (date)" thats all then i will ether reply in game email or on your page go start buying now!
  2. Why not just have people message you on the site? Less complicated than emailing.
  3. also not rlly that cheap, kinda standard prices
  4. I'll buy all your diamonds you have in stock if you go to 50r each...
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