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  1. This Single Chest Will Consist Of...
    2x Sharpness III Books
    2x Sharpness IV Books
    (Extra damage added to your sword)
    4x Smite IV Books
    (Extra damage against undead mobs.
    Ex, Zombies, Skeletons etc...)
    4x Fire Protection IV Books
    (Extra protection against fire)
    1x Protection III Book
    3x Protection IV Books
    (Extra protection overall)
    3x Efficiency IV Books
    (Helps mine/chop/dig faster)
    2x Power IV Books
    (Extra damage from bow and arrow shots)
    2x Bane of Arthropods IV Books
    (Extra damage to Spiders)
    1x Feather Falling IV Book
    (Decreases fall damage greatly)
    1x Fortune II Book
    (More drops when mining ores)
    1x Blast Protection IV Book
    (Protection from explosions)
    1x Unbreaking III Book
    (Increases durability on tools and armour)
    Starting Bid: 4k rupees
    Minimum Bid Increments: 800 rupees
    Auction Ends: 48 hours after final bid
    Where will the Money end up?
    All profit will go towards developing my latest project.
    Thankyou and happy Bidding! :) - S14
    Please ask questions if you need so.

  2. Bump - Shavingfoam currently winning with 185r per book.
  3. Ninja'd lol 9k
  4. Congrats to FakeIdea who won the auction 16k! Will send a pm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.