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Jan 16, 2017
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The Way it Ends. Feb 10, 2020

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Feb 17, 2020 at 9:46 AM
    1. Warlord678
      Jesus, I'm going nuts.
    2. Warlord678
      Determination, Perverted Ideologies, and Intelligence are the recipe for terrible, terrible things. There are only two things worse than an evil man with power, and that is a zealously evil man with power, and a stupid man with power.
    3. Warlord678
      Good propaganda never lies.
    4. Warlord678
      In New Nations, Adolf Hitler is a retired artist for School Textbooks in Germany.
    5. Warlord678
      Killing is an acceptable solution for some problems.
    6. Warlord678
      Alfred Jodl, Hans Krebs, Wilhelm Burgdorf, Wilhelm Keitel.
    7. Warlord678
      Fun Fact: Lichtenstein once came out of a war with -1.25% casualties.
    8. Warlord678
      All things must end.
      1. Smooshed_Potato
        Aug 23, 2019
    9. Warlord678
      The Socialist Party
    10. Warlord678
      1. wafflecoffee
        , the frozen food company
        Aug 21, 2019
    11. Warlord678
      The IJN's whole war strategy and military was based around quick victory. They could never sustain a long war, and this was their undoing. For 5 years, they fought the Chinese and Soviet Juggernauts. Then they angered the USA. Like I said, collective National Seppuku.
    12. Warlord678
      The inevitable result of an absolutely free world is an unfree world.
      1. wafflecoffee
        And that's why Anarchism never works.
        Aug 19, 2019
      2. Warlord678
        Aug 19, 2019
    13. Warlord678
      Size beats everything. And no, this isn't about China. It's about everything.
      1. SoulPunisher
        ^delete this nephew
        Aug 19, 2019
      2. Warlord678
        Otus, I shall delete this. Please rewrite in a readable fashion.
        Aug 19, 2019
      3. Otus_NigRum
        I speak the truth and nothing but the truth
        Aug 20, 2019
    14. Warlord678
      I've always wondered why the -stans look like that. Now I know. Iosif Stalin.
      1. wafflecoffee
        The things he did to the borders of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan are truly horrendous.
        Aug 19, 2019
    15. Warlord678
      China is invincible because it is huge, no amount of ingenuity, morals or determination can beat size in the long run.
    16. Warlord678
      This is just the beginning of a glorious legacy. LONG LIVE HUMANITY!
    17. Warlord678
      Eating Dogs is roughly as ethically problematic as eating any other large mammal.
      1. boscodo
        agreed. People really be shaming Asian countries for eating dogs while they chew on their burgers... like, come on. Just chow down on a block of tofu instead XD
        Aug 19, 2019
    18. Warlord678
      Admiral Yi Sun-Shin defeated 133 Japanese ships with 13 Korean Warships. He lost 2 soldiers. The Japanese lost 31 ships. The Battle of Myeongyang was the most lopsided Naval Battle in history. The Japanese outnumbered him 10 to 1, and he sent them packing. None was his equal.
    19. Warlord678
      The CCP is a being that is so terrifically alien to the Western mind that it's hard, but not impossible to explain. It's like trying to explain color to a blind man. To fully understand the CCP, you've got to have a totally different set of values.
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