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Aug 11, 2015
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Buying aeris208’s heads for a good price message me if u got one I’ll buy as many as I can Sep 9, 2019

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Oct 17, 2019 at 12:17 AM
    1. Unidnt
      Senpai notice me
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    2. Vortixin
      Whoop 2 million was so long ago
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    3. Vortixin
      played a prank one Kytula and madidiot21 lol
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    4. Vortixin
      Woop 1 mill seems so long ago I'm moving up in the world
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      3. Burki
        Old promo pick that's OP as
        Apr 6, 2016
      4. HannahEB
        Better not be mine
        Apr 6, 2016
      5. Burki
        Oh, it was in this stable place
        Apr 6, 2016
    5. batmegh
      i haven't read up on 1.9 yet, you have a auction for golden apples and you said get them before 1.9? what happens to them in 1.9?
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      3. ThaKloned
        IMO I think it's smart to get rid of them now for as much as you can. I'm skeptical that they will be priced super high and that enough people will buy them. I sold off all mine and seem to be the only one selling gold as well lol I kept a few stacks of them just in case but idk..
        Mar 31, 2016
      4. Vortixin
        Sorry for the late comment but yea Sam asthakloned
        1.9 makes them weaker this less desirable
        So selling them while the demand is high is a smart move
        Mar 31, 2016
      5. batmegh
        hmmm, well maybe i'll not hold onto mine any longer? lolol
        Mar 31, 2016
    6. mercenaries2009
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      2. mercenaries2009
        Alright welcome to the giveaway! I hope you enjoy it!
        Mar 8, 2016
      3. Vortixin
        RealTomsmasher But those are the good ones
        Spicy, sour and that hint of Somthing that will give you diarrhea.
        Mar 8, 2016
      4. Vortixin
        Mar 8, 2016
    7. mercenaries2009
      Congratulations, Your profile is now Illuminati Confirmed!
    8. Vortixin
      Wow I'm seriously likable now :)
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    9. Vortixin
      Hate the new mobile version of this site I wish it was optional
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    10. ToddV
      Thanks for the follow- Re-followed!
    11. Vortixin
      We stand here on this day in remembrance for what happened 65,002,015 year ago and mourn our great and mighty protectors.
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    12. Vortixin
      Every Heart Beat Is Somthing New But Now That I Am Immortal What Will I Do
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    13. Vortixin
      Updated to New Chrismas Tah thanks to Quak
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    14. Vortixin
      I think I quit, all my promos, heads, cash, farms, and automated stuff gone :(
      1. Tuqueque, ObscureGolem and Kytula like this.
      2. MiphaOfTheZora
        Quit? Quiting is for quitters :p your no quitter. Unless it's smoking or drugs, >.> those quitters are quitisentially winners quite quickly afterwards.
        Nov 20, 2015
      3. Roslyn
        It says temp banned when I /p your name. Says lifted in 4 days. So you'll be able to get on after that.
        Nov 21, 2015
    15. Vortixin
      Has the world fallen? Each of us was broken in our own way. It was hard tell who was more crazy. Me.... or everyone else.
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      2. Roslyn
        Totally not from my storage wall that you saw xD (Mad Max Quote)
        Nov 12, 2015
      3. Vortixin
        Yea thanks I love it
        Nov 12, 2015
    16. Vortixin
      Whoop whoop fallout 4 day is tomorrow
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    17. Vortixin
      Yea thanks
      1. Tuqueque likes this.
    18. mercenaries2009
      Here's a Mario :)
    19. Matherox
      Thanks for the follow! Here is one back :D
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