Dec 8, 2014
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In a Foreign and Unknown Location
Still looking on the front, writing on the side.

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Couple weeks of absolute craziness. Should be slowing down a bit after tomorrow morning (still busy but weekends/evenings are far more open). Sep 16, 2022

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    1. ElfinPineapple
      Couple weeks of absolute craziness. Should be slowing down a bit after tomorrow morning (still busy but weekends/evenings are far more open).
    2. ElfinPineapple
      I'm back - took a two week trip to the east coast. Should have PMs caught up in the next day or so.
      1. UltiPig
        1,000,000 PMs ;)
        Sep 1, 2022
    3. ElfinPineapple
      Last IRL status update for a couple weeks. I will be online this evening to catch up on unanswered PMs and outstanding SS services. Might lurk on discord a bit too while doing that. We'll see on that end. :)
    4. ElfinPineapple
      I'm back. 9 days later. Backlogs abound both on and off EMC, so if anything is still outstanding I'll get to it within the next day or two #MovingNeverGoesToPlan
    5. ElfinPineapple
      Update: Due to circumstances beyond my control it will likely be this weekend before I'm back on EMC. If you sent me PMs, I'll get back to them this weekend if internet allows. If you can't wait, please include other staff. Thanks!
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    6. ElfinPineapple
      The Minecraft community lost one of its greatest gems today. His life is a reminder that no matter what, live for today. Live for the life you want. Live for the life you love. Live for the life you dream. For seeing tomorrow is not guaranteed. Rest in peace Technoblade.
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    7. ElfinPineapple
      You can always count on HP to take a simple concept and make doing it obscenely complicated for no good reason.
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    8. ElfinPineapple
      Taking a long weekend Friday - Monday, so will not be available at all on here. If y'all send me a PM that needs staff attention please make sure to add other staff. Otherwise it likely will not be seen until Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend and best of luck to those taking finals!
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    9. ElfinPineapple
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    10. ElfinPineapple
      Update part 4: Long road ahead as files need to be moved and some programs/games need to be downloaded (including Minecraft) but the new computer is online and functioning. :)
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      3. w1therrex
        Mar 20, 2022
      4. ElfinPineapple
        Hmmm...that's not very helpful for my end then lol. I've got OneDrive through my microsoft subscription - that any good or are there better options?
        Mar 20, 2022
      5. 607
        Depends on whether you'd like to keep the files in your own home or outsource them. ;) (although maybe even if you go for cloud options there are better options, OneDrive seems popular, though)
        Mar 23, 2022
    11. ElfinPineapple
      Update on computer issues: I should be up and running again by sometime tomorrow at the absolute latest if things goes to plan. :)
      1. MoreMoople
        Hype! :D
        Mar 15, 2022
    12. ElfinPineapple
      Will not be in game for a few days potentially due to technical issues on my desktop. I am still accessible by forums if anyone needs to contact me.
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    13. Mr_Muchly
      I'm not sure how this works, here goes: I am reaching out to get some help. I attempted to migrate my account to Microsoft as directed, but something went wrong and I can't get Mr Muchly back. I have a new player, James_Royce to take his place. How can James get access and build rights to his old self? both in town and in the frontier? Just want to keep playing and building. Thanks for your help.
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    14. ElfinPineapple
      Don't completely trust spell/grammar checks. They're good, but they're not that good.....
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      2. Unoski
        What are your thoughts on voice to text Christian Mark
        Feb 26, 2022
      3. ElfinPineapple
        I hadn't heard of it until you mentioned it (also can't find it anywhere), so I have no opinion right now?
        Feb 27, 2022
    15. ElfinPineapple
      Owe an apology to you all. Due to personal circumstances I can't discuss publicly I've been mostly a ghost since early October. While not resolved yet steps are being taken to address those issues and increase my activity here. All that said, thank you so much for your patience.
    16. ElfinPineapple
      I think between me and chickeneer we've gotten back to everyone that PMed SS not needing in-game services (those of you wanting SS services will be done Sunday). See comments for more info.
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      2. ElfinPineapple
        I apologize for the delays all around on SS service completion as we seem to have landed in the perfect storm of low availability the last couple weeks due to signifcant IRL obligations on the SS side.. We will have everything completed as quickly as possible and we thank you all so much for your patience throughout the last 2-3 weeks. As always, send questions to pmss.emc.gs or pm.emc.gs/ElfinPineapple
        Sep 26, 2021
      3. MoreMoople
        You guys rock! :)
        Sep 26, 2021
      4. crystaldragon13
        I'll second that Moopies.. they really do. =D
        Sep 26, 2021
    17. ElfinPineapple
      Slowly coming back online. To say the last week has been insane is an understatement. I should be able to respond to PMs and other matters here tomorrow. Thanks again for your patience y'all. :)
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    18. ElfinPineapple
      Bear with me all. Started a new job on Tuesday, getting eaten alive by work hours and I'm in the process of moving, so it may stay crazy through at least next week. I apologize for any delays to PMs, DMs, etc this may cause on my end.
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      2. JDHallows

        "Bear" with me...
        "eaten alive by work"
        "in the process of moving"

        Have you started a business helping bears find new homes in preparation for hibernation for the winter?
        Sep 15, 2021
      3. MoreMoople
        Sep 15, 2021
      4. KatydidBuild
        a frazzled and unraveling pineapple. Juice infusion STAT!
        and get a citrus repair team on standby
        Sep 16, 2021
    19. ElfinPineapple
      Letting y'all know now that September is gonna be insane for me IRL and my availability here will be a bit lower. I'll still be around to cause chaos (maybe) and chat, but not as much. I'll also be MIA for part of the month but I'll let y'all know when as we get closer. :)
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    20. ElfinPineapple
      been out of town all week, but I be back now. A good night's sleep and I'll be charged and ready to go tomorrow. Will respond to outstanding PMs/requests at that time.
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    Still looking on the front, writing on the side.
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