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Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by GameKribJim, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. GameKribJim Distinguished Member

    EMC Wallpaper Contest!
    Winners have been announced!!!!

    The Wallpapers are [here]! To view images in full resolution click the button in the top right of the image pop-out!

    1st Place goes to Middot! - 46,100 Rupees and badge (Worth $86!)

    2nd Place goes to Battmeghs! - 41,100 Rupees and badge (Worth $79!)

    3rd Place goes to PotatoAura! - 36,100 Rupees and badge (Worth $71!)

    If you would like to add your wallpapers to the image library, please fill out this form. You may enter 5 at a time and add as many as you want by doing the form again! Dont forget the Empire Minecraft Logo!

    Empire Minecraft Logo
    Masked PNG
    Vector Photoshop
  2. Dreamytje Prominent Member

    This is an awesome idea! I'll donate something for this :D

    EDIT: 1st post and donated 10.000 rupees to you :)
  3. iSmooch Prominent Member

    quick question.. are staff members allowed to compete :p.
  4. Bobalek Well-Known Member

    I sent my wallpaper in i hope people enjoy it
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  5. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    The resolution of the wallpaper doesn't matter, does it? Because my screen resolution is 1680x1050 and I'll be making one my size.
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  6. IamSaj Prominent Member

    Can it be over edited and have animation/explosions/epicGFX/editing?
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  7. Amumbo Member

    This is my day planned!
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  8. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    Oh, and can we submit more than one?
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  9. Amumbo Member

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  10. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    Ill try, but im new to this, so plz dont judge :D
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  11. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    i sent mine in , hope u like it! Question, when does the winner get picked?
  12. alexschrod Prominent Member

    Please read thoroughly. From the first post:

  13. alexschrod Prominent Member

  14. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    thanks lol im a newb
  15. Dreamytje Prominent Member

    Btw Jim I would personally love it if at the end all the wallpapers can be posted in a gallery or some kind? As of course tastes differ and some may like lower rated wallpapers more? Its a good thing for the people who participated in the contest and also for people who would like a new wallpaper instead of the standard wallpapers :) Thanks in advance
  16. copherfield Well-Known Member

    I believe that you can convert the phtoshop file into Illustrator somehow :p (yeah I did something like that in the past, i just don't remember how)
    Also, there is no need for an SVG since the logo itself it's pretty big :)
  17. copherfield Well-Known Member

    I love this and i will seriously work on one for the community and this contest!
    Best part it's that we got plenty of times to make bunch of them :p
  18. alexschrod Prominent Member

    You're assuming I have Illustrator. I don't. :p The Adobe suite of applications are rather expensive. SVG is an open and free format, which is why I'm surprised it's not offered in that format, as it would make it available to everyone.

    No matter how large the raster version is, if I want to resize it—whether to make it bigger or smaller—it will always look better when converted from a vector base than when being resized as raster.
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  19. Equinox_Boss Distinguished Member

    Do we make one ormultiple becaus of th google doc thing it says wallpaperS
  20. MessyTreat Iron Supporter
    Well-Known Member

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