World resets are finished

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 23, 2012.

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    It was one long marathon, and I ran out of coffee, but every EMC server now has shiny new worlds! These worlds are all fresh 1.2 and have a 5,000 block pre-generated area around each spawn (and outpost). We have also hidden some easter eggs on different servers, they are all within the spawn zone (red square on the map, including outposts).

    Please remember that the free vault, free eggification, and vault outside of Town will be removed on Monday the 26th at 12:00pm ET (18:00 GMT).

    Here are some pictures of some cool things to check out (no these are not the easter eggs):

    SMP3 Spawn

    smp6 Spawn

    smp5 West Outpost

    smp2 West Outpost

    Now I am shifting gears into preparing 1.2.4 :/
  2. Mystul Distinguished Member

    Well done.
  3. raenis Well-Known Member

    That's awesome! Now let's hope 1.2.4 isn't nearly as much of a headache as 1.2.3.
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  4. zulu9 Distinguished Member

    those are epic new worlds!
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  5. The_Boulder Senior Staff
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    One Word: NICE
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  6. Xis6siX Well-Known Member

    Good Job Justin!...
  7. Turtle0824 Prominent Member

  8. JustinGuy Original Founder
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    Thanks :) But IceCreamCow, Dark_Liz, and ShaunWhite1982 also helped :)
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  9. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    This is fantastic. It seems like just yesterday we were all arguing over what to do with respect to a reset...
    Congrats to Justin and the rest of the EMC staff for getting on top of this and putting out something that should please the whole community.

    EDIT: Discussing, not arguing. :p
  10. pungentbudgie New Member

    good onw guys i just upgraded to 1.2.4 so i will see it when the update is done
  11. jlopez24 Well-Known Member

    Oh god. I MUST know what EVERYONE easter egg is. NOW.
  12. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    I've been looking on smp2, I'll let you know. Anyone find any others?
    Although I have found the one at the end of the Hedge Maze. Whoever put that one together deserves my respect. That was one of the most thoroughly enjoyable and childlike experiences of my life.
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  13. bloodfangx Well-Known Member

    Haha the pics r good :D Im sure the guys from that village will be happy at smp6 because they are in the safe zone :)
  14. nnnnmc1 Prominent Member

    I wish the giant snow golem give me some of those diamonds block. Like when iron golem give roses to baby villager :3
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  15. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    "Safe respawn after reset" :D?

    Guess ICE isnt counted as something that will kill you then.... lol :/
  16. will_iamd Well-Known Member

    Did you spawn in inside/under ice?

    I spawned in the middle of an ocean :(
  17. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    under ice - :D
  18. will_iamd Well-Known Member

    Ah, you survived then? :D

    Am I the only one not able to light nether portals btw?

    EDIT: Fixed, there was a torch in the way xD
  19. geofftheninja New Member

    damn i updated mc nostalgia for the win!
  20. cheers for justin! we love you!

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