Tips for running a successful store or service in the Empire

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by JustinGuy, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Tips for running a successful store or service in the Empire:
    • Don't use cheap gimmicks, they may trick one person but you will get a bad reputation and fail in the long run. One example of this is the bait and switch, where you say "Diamonds for 1r" and then you only have one in stock.
    • Try and pick a part of the market to dominate. Don't try and be the best for everything. For example maybe focus on a potion shop, or perhaps landscaping design?
    • Don't be vague in the title. Something like "smp1 - 100 - My store" won't get someones attention. Instead use "smp1 - 100 - Selling every color of wool and many other items!"
    • Don't beg people and post a million times in chat, people will just /ignore you.

    A great success story is Dark_Liz. When we were just one busy server (smp1 then called "main"), Dark_Liz had completed dominated a booming market. This was accomplished without posting a single advertisement in chat. Simply answering people who asked if anyone was selling ______ in chat and being sure to keep an organized and stocked shop, focusing on key items not every item possible. Dark_Liz was not a moderator yet, and was not a supporter, yet for awhile was the richest player in the Empire. This was done by building a solid reputation not spamming people with ads and trying to become the best in one hour. Anyone can do this by applying the same methods.
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