The "EMC Community" (Rant Thread on Bad/Annoying Players) + #EndGriefing2012

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by IamSaj, Jul 18, 2012.


Will you take up the cause and put #EndGriefing2012 in your signature?

No, because I hate IamSaj and my life and also I'm a griefer and got banned from 5 servers 6 vote(s) 8.8%
Yes, #EndGriefing2012 all the way!!!! #EG2012 62 vote(s) 91.2%
  1. IamSaj Prominent Member

    Guys, if you want to support #EG2012 make sure to make an Achivement about it like oidgod and Toaster. You can make your custom one just make sure it says #EG2012 on it!
  2. Gottsmote Well-Known Member

    I dislike all the griefing and begging as well. I offer my support, but I will not be putting anything in my signature. Sorry, its just like the whole Kony thing or the WWJD bracelets.
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  3. IamSaj Prominent Member

    1 Person hates life and is a Griefer :p
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  4. IamSaj Prominent Member

    True. But if you do support say #EG2012
  5. Jeanzl2000 Prominent Member

    It was smp3
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  6. IamSaj Prominent Member

  7. Maxarias Billing Manager
    Prominent Member

    Very inspirational, Saj. Quite a good read. I became a Moderator to help combat these problems, and seeing people in the community step up like this, sets a good example not only for new members, but for old members alike. You have my approval. (Just don't PVP to stop the baddies! Screenshots only!) :D
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  8. SparerToaster Distinguished Member

    I never did any of that stuff to be honest, but I feel morally obligated to do this anyway. Like I said, I'm done.
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  9. DogsRNice Prominent Member

    someone did this to me so i did /tell___ slash v open over and over and told them that is what that sound like
  10. IamSaj Prominent Member

    Heck Yeah..jpg
  11. SparerToaster Distinguished Member

    This cause deserves a website. Maybe. Perhaps.
  12. AusQB Distinguished Member

    "You don't need to wear a patch on your arm to have honor." - Lt. Daniel Kaffee
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  13. IamSaj Prominent Member

    English plox?
  14. chickeneer Developer
    Distinguished Member

    Well I added it to my signature :)
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  15. IamSaj Prominent Member

  16. IamSaj Prominent Member

    Guys! Make sure to put #EG2012 in your signature if you support the cause!
  17. oidgod Prominent Member

  18. IamSaj Prominent Member

    Gray text is gray. Red text is gray. Yay is gray. Blue text is gray. Gray text is invisble.
    Roses are invisble
    Violtes are too
    If you hate griefers
    Say #EG2012 :)
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  19. SparerToaster Distinguished Member

    ^ I see what you did there...
  20. Herbrin3 Well-Known Member

    "Griefers are bad; we should try to stop them."

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