[SUGGESTION] mob flag ( read before judging )

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by dylan_frenette, Aug 18, 2012.


what does EMC think?

yes 15 vote(s) 62.5%
no 5 vote(s) 20.8%
AMAZING 4 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    Staff Edit: This suggestion was made before animals were stuck on the same residence - (a long time ago)

    are you tired of logging on and having sheep, dogs, ocelots, chickens, cows, piggehs and any other random mob covering your res? well this idea might fix that:

    i think EMC should have a res flag that would keep a specific mob off your res.
    sortof like this:

    /res set chicken false
    /res set cow false
    /res set sheep false

    this would let people who breed mobs on their res still have the flag option but be able to keep animals at the same time.

    this would keep egging at almost ZERO% this part is something JackBiggin might love
    this would keep random animals from invading your res.

    it would work like this: ever had your game on peaceful and found a mob spawner? you see them spawn and then they disappear? well this would be like that. the animal would walk into your res barrier and auto-despawn.

    what does EMC think?? ;D vote AMAZING for piggehs
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  2. chrisisaboss91 Active Member

    awsome i hade an idea like this but it was a monster flag
  3. sneeker134 Well-Known Member

    But monster flags would ruin many aspects of the economy, and REALLY ruin slimeballs and sticky pistons. See, before the slime chunk thing got turned off, accidently turned it on in my res, and I found a couple people with a slime chunk on ther res. But I like the animal mob idea..
  4. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    lets not make this thread about monster flags. i wanted to CLEARLY EMPLY that im NOT talking about MONSTER FLAGS
  5. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    No, just kill the animals, only the chicken flag would be handy
  6. JackBiggin Moderator
    Elite Member

    So like separate the "animals" flag (currently blocked) into the individual animals? Me likey that idea! :D
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  7. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    read ALL the text jack ;) i put something in for you....
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  8. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    im not on 24 hours a day like some no-lifes. i dont have time to waste my tools on, and beat chickens and sheep with pickaxes
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  9. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    I like the chicken flag, but you can use a stick
  10. JackBiggin Moderator
    Elite Member

    It wouldn't just be useful for chickens though. Someone once decided to take the time and money to fill my res with tamed wolves/ocelots. I'm not talking one or two, I'm talking hundreds. Being able to individually despawn the animal types would have been very useful in this case.
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  11. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    In that case, it is true, this idea is accually good
  12. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    lets all try to keep this in the active forums so justin or ICC can see ;)
  13. SoulPunisher Contribution Team
    Elite Member

    The panda says yes. And it would be pretty easy to implement as Justin is one of the residence plugin programmers, so he knows the code inside and out (hopefully! :p)
  14. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    bump for more people to veiw
  15. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    why are people voting no?? i bet no one is reading the post before they vote
  16. jrlizard Prominent Member

    While Reading this i was thinking that if u go and turn it off it will egg all animals and put it in your inventory.
  17. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    well what if you dont have the room in your inven? and that could be abused by lots or people. i dont think my idea needs to be modified in anyway as that was what i was asking everyone what they though about that..
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  18. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    bump.... for the cow..
  19. albinopolarbear1 Well-Known Member

    THe albinopolarbear likes this one so now i wont beat ur idea down with my claws of fury
  20. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    the dylan brings a shotgun when he visits your cave.. xD thanks for the like :)

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