SMP5 Massive Excavation Project

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 72Volt, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Retgool Member

    Sad 72volt had a bad idea.
    Usually he's ideas are awesome, like the pivot exchange center.
    This time he's idea was horrible... :(
    I bought he's time bonds, I lost 100 rupees :/ and I don't have much rupees
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  2. Manglex Well-Known Member

    Off topic but, I absolutely LOVED all five pages of this dude getting burned. Especially ICC's post. :p
  3. creepincreepers7 Distinguished Member

    I wouldn't say its off topic. :)
  4. 72Volt Distinguished Member

    Okay, I appealed to ICC about the ban, and he very kindly unbanned me.
    Now I'm unbanned, I wanna apologise to everyone in the Empire who felt threatened by this project.
    It wasn't fair of me to consider exerting a monopoly over the wild, because it as a whole is the property of the brilliant users of Empire Minecraft and not an individual.
    As for the excavation end of the project, I acknowledge it was incredibly headstrong of me to plan to take out such a massive chunk of the wild around the protected area, and I will consult ICC on where the line is drawn between peaceful mining and full-on griefing of the wild, and be better informed this time :D

    ps. some of these burnings of me were hilarious. I know some people were pretty annoyed by this, and to them I am deeply sorry, but some people were able to keep such a cool head to the point they utterly destroyed me for what I was doing. so yes, well done, you guys.
  5. creepincreepers7 Distinguished Member

    SURE GLAD that you realize this wasn't fair and I thank you for your apology as it was quite a scare.
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  6. DogsRNice Prominent Member

    well there has bean worse on these forums "craspcraft" for example
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  7. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    Saw that post...
  8. zombieslayer010 Prominent Member

    well so 72volt was unbanned, I asked him if he was still planing to do the project, he said "yeah, just not so public on the forums.
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  9. DogsRNice Prominent Member

    omg i said "bean" :oops:
  10. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

  11. matthew12hydro Prominent Member

  12. Mindlegokid Distinguished Member

    How to avoid the wall; Go to outposg. The End
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  13. ClickZzHD Active Member

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  14. 72Volt Distinguished Member

    I said I would be doing something more appropriate.
    A possibility would be for me to continue the mining under the sea. I could dig the aforementioned 5x5 mining cells in water by creating a temporary cobblestone scaffolding around each individual cell which would be destroyed once the cell was dug, leaving the area almost completely aesthetically untouched.
    If Dan's been unbanned, perhaps I could try that? :)
  15. zombieslayer010 Prominent Member

    ehhh no, I think you yourself should be banned from the wild alone, you just can't be trusted with it
  16. DogsRNice Prominent Member

    its called the wild for a reson:cool:
  17. zombieslayer010 Prominent Member

    very true lol
  18. Biscuitboy Prominent Member

    Why was 72 unbanned?
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  19. jkjkjk182 Elite Member

    He appealed his ban the correct way
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