[Sale] 2X Zombie Grinder - Utopia

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services' started by Leowaste, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Leowaste Distinguished Member

    I'll take 20k.
    Send payment and I will send screenshot of co-ords and entrance
  2. S_R_L_B Well-Known Member

    Has this ended? Cause I can pay 25k
  3. Michael_Nolan Distinguished Member

  4. S_R_L_B Well-Known Member

    But you are a diamond supporter what do you spend all that juicy cash on!
  5. Michael_Nolan Distinguished Member

    im renting a spawner
  6. Leowaste Distinguished Member

    Srlb, i will take 20k. The other person has not responded so its urs if u want it
  7. S_R_L_B Well-Known Member

    Yehhh!!! Thanks! I'll go pay now
  8. Michael_Nolan Distinguished Member

  9. S_R_L_B Well-Known Member

    Ah yes! The payment has been made!
  10. Leowaste Distinguished Member

    Info sent, ty!!
  11. bonzd67 Prominent Member

    Yes. The guy sold my grinder. He wasn't too bright though. He attempted to sell it via chat, but a player who helped me build some parts of it happened to be logged on at the same time. Also, he attempted to grief it, but only managed to take out 1 of the 3 zombie spawners, and left the cave spider spawner completely intact. Aikar thought that he may have been the "JT" guy running around utopia.

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