Qapla' qurgh vIparHa'.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by autumnrain26, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. autumnrain26 Distinguished Member


    <--------Troll Line-------->
  2. Curundu Distinguished Member

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  3. shaunwhite1982 Diamond Supporter
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    I like beans too. :)
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  4. hayjam Well-Known Member

    What language is that I think QapIa means hello.
  5. HylianNinja Prominent Member

    I don't know how to speak Klingon.
  6. shaunwhite1982 Diamond Supporter
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    Recommended starfleet acadamy reading, the universal translator helps too. :p
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  7. autumnrain26 Distinguished Member

    ta' SoH jatlh tlhIngan?
    It is Klingon and Qapla' means Success.. :3
  8. hayjam Well-Known Member

  9. Scipio94 Member

    Oh! Klingon! Sure... so obvious... why I didn't understand it immediately?!
  10. shaunwhite1982 Diamond Supporter
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    neH rut :)
  11. Curundu Distinguished Member

    buy' ngop
  12. Glasi13 Well-Known Member

    Ermmm........please tell me your NOT fluent in Klingon...
  13. DogsRNice Prominent Member

    iebhe ehdhihss hna'h
  14. DeadSkaia Well-Known Member

    I knew this was Klingon. >.< Skaia: Learn Klingon!
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