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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by AusQB, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. AusQB Well-Known Member

    Post any bugs or glitches you experience now that the servers have updated to 1.3.1.

    One that keeps occurring for me is items teleporting into or out of my inventory when I open a chest on my residence. When I take some items out of a chest, they get put back into my inventory when I open a chest again (either the same or another one). Similarly, if I place items into a chest from my inventory, I get them back when I open a chest.

    Also happens when equipping armour.
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  2. JackBiggin Moderator

    1. You can't lock enderchests in the wild to prevent them from being destroyed
    2. Enderchests are not protected by the container perm (pretty trivial)
  3. wassatthen Gold Supporter

    I keep losing connection and getting bumped off server. This has happened 3 times in an hour. I get an end of stream message or an internal socket message and when i try to log in again i get connection refused. But if i persevere i can get back in even though my server is showing as offline. EMC5
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  4. wassatthen Gold Supporter

    internal socket error timed out. When i try to return, 'end of stream'
  5. jkjkjk182 Well-Known Member

    SMP5* And same for me.
  6. Hyratel New Member

    keep getting internal socket error on SMP5 rather frequently. Making it hard to build.
  7. Jeanzl2000 Well-Known Member

    Lets say I have a diamond pick with only 1 use left.
    I can go to a villager and after a while i can insert 2 emeralds and it will enchant+repair the pick 100%. im pretty sure its not supposed to do that.
  8. AusQB Well-Known Member

    It's probably a bug, but it's not an EMC-related issue.
  9. SecretAznEks Well-Known Member

    Item drops don't pile up anymore.

    Backspace key deletes whole words in chat rather than letters.
  10. AusQB Well-Known Member

    I don't actually know whether the piling up was by design or a glitch that they fixed, but I agree it was much better before.

    That doesn't sound like a server-related issue. Are you using a purely vanilla JAR/client?
  11. chickeneer Developer

    That is a confirmed Minecraft Problem, nothing to do with EMC.

    The items pilling up is something Justin created/ altered to work for EMC, it probably still needs tweaked for 1.3.1
  12. LZBZ_DW Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure that was a CB++ thing (for performance enhancement) which has yet to be updated. Mojang was supposed to do their own version of stacking, which either isn't configured right ATM, or isn't working as designed.
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  13. chickeneer Developer

    Mojang's Stacking was only if you threw out a stack of an item... It does not automatically group up when farming and such...
  14. Hash98 Well-Known Member

    Villagers take a while for them to egg, and just typical "server just updated" lag.
  15. LZBZ_DW Well-Known Member

    Oh I see, well that's lame LOL. That is a huge performance hit over CB++
  16. Skilled_Creeper Well-Known Member

    is it me or when your in the wilderness your hunger drains as fast as curiosity traveling to Mars... ( the speed it was going on it's way to Mars )
  17. thecontroller Well-Known Member

    JustinGuy didn't create item stacking. Last time I recall he said he added tweaks not created them. The reason for the item stacking is not a plugin, it was the work of craftbukkit++ made by afforess a well recognized bukkt developer.
  18. chickeneer Developer

    That makes sense.... I figured he didn't completely create it; but either way I really enjoyed it.
  19. Nole972 Diamond Supporter

    Did justin enable villager breeding
  20. Jeanzl2000 Well-Known Member

    I thought it was included in Craftbukkit++
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