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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by bonzd67, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. bonzd67 Prominent Member

    How about another $5/$10 a month to be able to log in to 2 EMC servers at the same time?

  2. bonzd67 Prominent Member

    Whoops. iPad autocorrect. DONOR.
  3. Hoi Elite Member

    so your saying, pay 30$ JUST to log into 2 servers? Just make an alt. :p
  4. serialkicker Well-Known Member

    No, for the 10000000th time!
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  5. YOU12MAEC Prominent Member

    You forgot a zero.
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  6. Manglex Well-Known Member

  7. Hoi Elite Member

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  8. bonzd67 Prominent Member

    Has it been suggested before?

    Is it possible to make an alt without buying another copy from Mojang?

    I'd rather my money go to Jeremy and Justin than to Notch. Clearly, I must be the only one that feels this way.
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  9. serialkicker Well-Known Member

    http://empireminecraft.com/rupees/ - donate

    You're welcome!
  10. Rhythmically Gold Supporter
    Elite Member

    No because who would use it? What good would it do?
  11. Maxarias Billing Manager
    Prominent Member

    I understand exactly how you feel, right here. Sure, the game is alright, but what has been achieved with EMC has made it amazing. Currently we have no plans on making a new supporter tier. I am not sure if this will change in the future, but right now we're more focused on making Empire Minecraft even better, so those who are supporters can enjoy even more things with what they have at the moment.
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  12. Rhythmically Gold Supporter
    Elite Member

    Well said.
  13. bonzd67 Prominent Member

    I didn't thank you.

    But I will thank you, as it's the only valid argument so far. :)

    Personally, I gather the majority of my resources the old fashioned way, as opposed to buying at shops. Due to the mob caps and the recent upswing in "grinding," my natural spawners only work sporadically. I would love to be able to go AFK at one of them while building on another server, as opposed to logging in and out continually. And, as I mentioned, I really don't want to purchase another account from Mojang.
  14. Rhythmically Gold Supporter
    Elite Member

    Well at least now I know. What i do is go to a grinder, wat like 5 minutes (read a short book or something) and then see what mobs have spawned.
  15. bonzd67 Prominent Member

    I know it isn't something that is a major focus at the moment. It was just a random thought I had, that may have been quick and easy.

    I don't want to purchase another copy from Mojang because it is my personal belief that once I own it, I should OWN IT. In game purchases, downloadable content, and "logging in" are getting more and more prominent in general. Maybe I'm old school.....
  16. bonzd67 Prominent Member

    I've done it.... I assure you. I've already gone "AFK" at a MASSIVE spawner on 7 for over an hour.....with 7 mobs in the kill zone. Yeah. 7 mobs in an hour. And by putting AFK in quotes, I mean I wasn't gone the entire time. I checked in every 10 minutes or so.
  17. Rhythmically Gold Supporter
    Elite Member

    That's a slow spawner.
  18. matthew12hydro Prominent Member

    Everything's been messed up with mobs lately.
  19. chickeneer Developer
    Distinguished Member

    Unfortunately this would not work because EXP is shared with all servers, and people may find a way to take advantage of it.
  20. dylan_frenette Distinguished Member

    ..... my blaze spawner works fine. i normally wait 10-30 mins get ( from lvl 30 to lvl 48 ) thats the only way i timed it.

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