Now I am a real Empire Minecrafter!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by marknaaijer, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Hoi Elite Member

    1,790 posts
    BIG difference :p
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  2. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    First it was a competition with us for post, than you got posting like an idiot, not fun..l :p
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  3. Chascarrillo Elite Member

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  4. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    Going fater with post! Already at 1270... :p
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  5. Chascarrillo Elite Member

    I want to be a Well-known member but I need more likes :p
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  6. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

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  7. Chascarrillo Elite Member

    :D Thanks
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  8. bonzd67 Prominent Member

    Speaking of which, I just donated you 2000 rupees the other day.... I don't want anything though!
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  9. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    Yeah, saw that, you like my res? XD
  10. Hoi Elite Member

    You cant catch me boy!
    ( A line from one of Pit Bulls songs. :p )
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  11. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

  12. bonzd67 Prominent Member

    Yup. Pretty interesting.

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